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This community is built by people like you and me, for people like you and me!

Here we have Dev, Sec, Ops, Data, and more :)

Fediverse Instances

These are the services that we are running for you
Mobirise Website Builder

Microblog tool that allows you to create posts with 500 chars. Its like twitter.

Mobirise Website Builder

Photo sharing tool that allow you to share photos and videos about you and your live. It's like instagram.

Mobirise Website Builder

Link aggregator and forum to discuss everything you want. It's like reddit.

Mobirise Website Builder

Event Manager to help you when you need to organize an event. It's like MeetupCom.

Chats & IM & Video

Here you can see where we have active presence.
Visit bolha.chat for more info.
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Decentralized Chat

An open network for secure, decentralized communication in real-time chat. A new internet open standard.

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Vídeo conference

Jitsi open source project which provide state-of-the-art video conferencing capabilities that are secure, easy to use.

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Integrated via Bridge

Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security, it’s fast, simple and free. IT communities love this network.

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Integrated via Bridge

Discord is one of the easiest ways to talk over voice, video, and text. Talk, chat, hang out, and stay close to your friends and communities.

Bolha Utilities

Our network goes beyond the social tools
Mobirise Website Builder

This is a relay to exchange content between mastodon portuguese instances

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This the place that we have our documentation stored, powered by WikiJS.

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This is a Markdown Collaborative Realtime Editor to keep your ideias in check anytime, powered by HedgeDoc.

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This is a toot that crosspost content between twitter and mastodon instances.

Visit our Content Hub to Follow the news about our Network 

This is our Ghost blog, pt-br only sorry :)

Mobirise Website Builder
How do we started this?

Bolha means Bubble. Our community was born when Telegram got blocked in Brazil at the beginning of 2022. Initially, we created a way to access the Telegram IT channels using Matrix and Discord. At the time, everything was interconnected using the MatterBridge tool.

Even after Telegram got unblocked, some people continued to use Matrix and Discord to interact with some IT channels on Telegram. With this, the use of the Bolha became a matter of choice. We decided to leave everything connected so that each person uses what they want to use :)

In May 2022, we created Mastodon para Bolha, and we did this because Twitter could suffer a takeover to be done by someone who could make the network unsafe for our community. Thus, since microblogging is something that we like, we decided to jump into the Fediverse to experience open and decentralized social networks.

The name Bolha was created by @gomex, our ambassador and co-founder. :)

Fediverse adoption

We entered the Fediverso because of the takeover done on Twitter by its new owner.

The takeover was the trigger; however, deepening our knowledge in this new universe was magical.

The philosophy, the tools, the ideas, the ideals, the goals, and its culture fit us. We stayed, occupied our space, and we are in constant expansion and movement.

Mobirise Website Builder

Feel free to contact us






Channel #help on matrix bolha.chat


GMT -3

Chat & Video
We are/ Nós Somos

Uma comunidade de tecnologia, feita por pessoas como eu e você, para pessoas como eu e você!

This community is built by people like you and me, for people like you and me!